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Our R&D is a core activity in Rana Grubers effort to increase process efficiency, develop new products and support the production lines in the work towards zero CO2-emission and overall reduction of the environmental impact

The R&D department is responsible for process development and improvement in all production lines. The department also runs the laboratory that serves both the mine and the process-plants with chemical and physical analyses of a large variety of samples.

R&D has a highly skilled staff, with expert knowledge in sampling, mineral processing and chemistry. The department collaborates with Research Institutes and Universities to further enhance the research activities and to offer students the opportunity to do their master’s degree thesis at Rana Gruber. Members of the R&D team is encouraged to further develop their academic skills with in-house Ph.D. studies

As a way of improvement, the R&D department participates in customer meetings to fully understand the utilisation of our products and to get direct customer feedback. We believe this further enhances the department’s skills and focus on improvement and product development.

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