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Rana Gruber offers a range of products extracted and refined from our own iron ore resources.

The product line includes iron oxide concentrates for metallurgical purposes with the brand name “Rana Gruber Concentrates” and special products for demanding applications.

Currently 1,5 million tonnes of Hematite concentrates and 100 000 tonnes of Magnetite concentrates are produced annually (2019). Iron ore from Rana Gruber consists of both Hematite and Magnetite iron oxides, with an average grade of 30-32% iron. The natural variations of minerals in the ore body, result in the variations of the product mix between Hematite and Magnetite products.


Rana Gruber manufactures and markets specialty products under the trade name of COLORANA®.

The COLORANA® products are based on our high purity natural magnetite milled in fresh river water – resulting in the production of black iron oxide powders of a superior purity and quality. By thermal decomposition of black magnetite, COLORANA® produces high quality calcined red iron oxides.

The product portfolio range from iron oxide concentrates to sub-micron pigment products and can be divided into functional oxides, colourants, and magnetic oxides.

For 30 years, COLORANA® has delivered products to a diversity of purposes, applications and market segments ranging from concrete, paint, plastics, automotives, heat management, toner production and a wide variety of others.

The COLORANA® products are characterized by their high purity and low heavy metal content. Combined with an environmentally friendly production, COLORANA® products are both clean and green with no addition of chemical ingredients.


Rana Gruber produces three concentrates of Hematite, along with a variety of products based on Magnetite. The Hematite grades H-150, H-400 and Rana Gruber Concentrate are primarily used in steel production. Long steel for railways and constructions and flat steel for the automobile industry are some examples of the applications of our Hematite concentrate grades. Our Hematite customers have traditionally been European steel mills, but lately we have extended the customer base and delivered some cargo to Chinese mills.


The bulk Magnetite product, M-40LS, is a pure Magnetite with an iron content above 71% and is produced without the use of flotation reagents or other additives. The product is almost exclusively sold to the water treatment chemical industry. We are very proud to say we are a market leader as a producer of Magnetite for the water treatment applications in Europe today. Low content of impurities and heavy metals delivers a product that is highly competitive in this market segment.

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