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About us

Rana Gruber is a Norwegian iron ore producer and supplier established in 1964, with operations based on more than 200 years of mining experience.

Rana Gruber operates iron ore mining and mineral processing to yield iron ore concentrates and specialised products. The products are based on natural mineral resources, which are upgraded and tailored for applications in multiple industries without the use of chemicals. All of of Rana Gruber’s production is exported, mainly to European buyers.

Rana Gruber has about 370 employees and an annual production capacity of 1.8 million metric tons (mt) of iron ore concentrates consisting of hematite and magnetite. In addition, specialised products are traded under the flagship brand Colorana®. 

Rana Gruber controls five iron ore deposits located in the Dunderland Valley in Norway. In total, Rana Gruber operates at more than 23 000 000 m2 (5 700 acres) for which the company has mineral rights. The company possesses a vast resource base consisting of 444 million mt of iron ore, which is expected to ensure production for several decades. The headquarter is in Mo i Rana – a premium location in the heart of Norway.

Rana Gruber has among the industry’s lowest carbon emissions, and aims to become the world’s first carbon free iron ore mine by the end of 2025. 

Rana Gruber‘s core values are “Brave”, “Safe,” “Responsible”, and “Proud”. Together, the values make up the philosophy that guides and drives our employees, our actions and our processes – making Rana Gruber a force for change and a positive influence on society and the environment.

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