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About us

Rana Gruber is a Norwegian sustainable iron ore producer and supplier established in 1964, with operations based on more than 200 years of mining experience.

We refine products applicable to numerous use cases in multiple industries. The products are based on our own natural mineral resources which are upgraded and tailored for applications and exported to its customers worldwide.

We produce and sell iron ore concentrate, primarily serving steel producers and participants in the chemical industry. Our daughter company Rana Gruber Mineral AS produces and sells micronized iron oxides and other dissemination of iron ore, and primarily serves paint manufactures and participants in the building- and automotive industries.

Rana Gruber operates own mines with iron ore deposits. The mines are located approximately 35 kilometers north east from the city Mo i Rana in Norway, in Storforshei and Ørtfjell, an area called the Dunderland Valley. The iron ore production takes place at the group’s iron ore deposits at Ørtfjell as open pit production and underground operation. Rana Gruber’s processing plant is also located near Mo i Rana, more precisely in Gullsmedvik, with direct access to the Group’s own port and railway connection.

Rana Gruber has about 300 employees and a production capacity of 1.8 million tons of iron ore concentrates (hematite and magnetite) and specialty products. The headquarter is in Mo i Rana, in the heart of Norway.

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