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Rana Gruber is a highly skilled and experienced organisation ensuring operational excellence.



Stein Tore Liljenström

Chief Operation Officer (COO)
Master of Science from Umeå University, and PhD in Physical Chemistry from Umeå University.
Department manager at Molab AS for six years, plant manager at Rana Gruber for five years, production manager at Rana Gruber for four years, and CEO at Glør AS for one year.
+47 957 20 860

Gunnar Moe

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
2010 - 2015 and 2017-
BA in Pedagogy from Nesna University College.
Teacher in Rana for 13 years, journalist and editor at Rana Blad for 10 years, head of personnel and administration at Rana Gruber for three years, CBDO at Momek Group for two years, and CBDO at Leonhard Nilsen & Sønner for two years.
+47 941 47 650

Erlend Høyen

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
BA in Economics and Administration from Trondheim Business School, and MSc in Financial Economics from BI Norwegian Business School.
Business controller at TDC Norge AS for two years, controller manager at TDC Norge AS for three years, senior associate at PricewaterhouseCoopers AS for one year, field economist/controller at Rana Gruber for two years, and procurement manager at Rana Gruber for five years.
+47 90 20 27 41
Anita Mikalsen

Anita Brattaas Mikalsen

HR Director
Various positions at the Norwegian police for 22 years, head of personnel at Rana Gruber for three years, and head of HR at Rana Gruber for five years.
+47 930 13 689




Morten Støver

Chair of the board
MSc in economics from BI Norwegian Business School, and multiple leadership courses from i.a. IMD.
Several management positions at Nordlandsbanken/DNB. Chair of LNS Mining AS, Eksportfinansiering Norge, Greenland Ruby Aps, Løvold Solutions AS, Elektro AS, Nofir AS, and Linpro AS. Director of Seaworks AS, and Chr. Jakhelln AS.

Hilde Rolandsen

Director and member of the audit committee since 2021 (independent)
MSc in economics.
Various positions at Elkem for 23 years, plant director at Renewable Energy Corporation for two years, and ownership director at Helse Nord for 11 years.

Ragnhild Wiborg

Director since 2021 (independent)
BSc in finance and macroeconomics from Stockholm School of Economics and Business Administration
Involvement in several boards in Norway and Sweden, CEO and investment director in fund management in Norway and Sweden, and chair of audit and risk committees. Chair of EAM Solar, Cerebrum Invest, and WKAB. Director of Kistefos.

Frode Nilsen

Director since 2008 (independent)
BA in civil engineering from Narvik Engineering School, MSc in civil engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, with specialisation in tunnels and mining.
Site engineer for four years, project manager for six years, project director for four years, and CEO for 15 years at Leonhard Nilsen & Sønner AS. Chair of Leonhard Nilsen & Sønner, and LNS Spitsbergen Hålogaland Element. Director of LNS Ocean, and Andøy Energi.

Kristian A. Adolfsen

Director since 2017 (independent)
MSc in business and economics (No. Siviløkonom) from BI Norwegian Business School and MBA from, University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA.
Developed an international company with 25 000 employees over the past 30 years. Chair and director of more than one hundred companies.

Johan Hovind

Club leader and worker director since 2020 (independent)
Certificate in metallurgical processes.
30 years of experience from industrial companies in Rana.

Lasse Orlando Strøm

Operator since 2013, deputy club leader, and worker director since 2020 (independent)
Concrete worker certificate.
Concrete worker at Helgeland Betong for three years.
Henriette Pedersen

Henriette Zahl Pedersen

Operator and team leader since 2020 and worker director since 2023 (independent)
Upper secondary education in the field of automation and certificate as automation technician.
One and a half years as apprentice, two and a half years as automation technician, and five years as team leader at Rana Gruber.
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