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Rana Gruber’s goal is to be a world-class sustainable mineral producer, based on our four core values Safe, Responsible, Proud and Brave.

Rana Gruber has one of the industry’s lowest carbon emissions, with 7.17 kg CO2 equivalents per tonne iron ore produced in 2023. This is due to the unique combination of hydroelectric power, short transport distance, as well as a highly efficient and optimized processing facility. This results in a carbon intensity that is much lower than comparable operations.

However, our ambitions don’t end there. We always endeavor to improve in every area, and as a result our next major sustainability milestone is to rid our production from all CO2-emissions. This landmark ambition will be completed through large-scale electrification of our machinery and transport, and will make Rana Gruber the first CO2-free iron ore mine in the whole world.

The group has a long heritage of safe operations with minimal harm, leaks or injuries occurred, in addition to strong emphasis on corporate social responsibility, operating in the interest of all shareholders.

We continuously strive to be a leader in sustainability; reducing our environmental footprint, creating a safe and attractive work environment and being a positive contributor to the community around us and society in general.

We are deeply committed to extracting iron ore with diligent emphasis on avoiding emissions, and leaving a minimal environmental impact. Besides the various concrete measures taken by Rana Gruber and its suppliers, Rana Gruber is situated in an industry cluster of ~2 500 employees that collectively aim to produce future-proof solutions, with Rana Gruber being no exception.

As one of the most important employers in the region, Rana Gruber works continuously to create an impact outside of our own sector and business. Amongst other things, we contribute as a sponsor for schools and sports clubs and at cultural events. We also participate in a number of development projects alongside local businesses, as well as promoting research alongside research institutions and industry associations.

When the society and community around us is doing well – so are we.

Nancy Schreiner

Nancy Stien Schreiner

Environment and Sustainability Manager
M.Sc. minerals from NTNU
Strategic responsibility for quality and external environment throughout the organisation. Also running maintenance and development of the quality and environmental management system. Joined Rana Gruber in 2009.
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