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General meetings

Recommendations of Rana Gruber ASA’s Nomination Committee to the Annual General Meeting on 12 April 2023

After the general meeting in 2022, the Nomination Committee in Rana Gruber ASA has consisted of the following people:

  • Lisbeth Flågeng
  • Robert Sotberg
  • Leif Teksum (chair)

The board of directors – the Nomination committee’s proposal:

The Nominations Committee proposes that the general meeting proposes to the ordinary general meeting on 12 April 2023 as follows:

Election of shareholder-elected board members in Rana Gruber ASA.

The nominations Commitee proposes that the general meeting re-elect the sitting board of directors  for a period as follows:

– Morten Støver – Chair (2 years)
– Kristian Adolfsen – director (1 year)
– Frode Nilsen – director (1 year)
– Hilde Rolandsen – director (2 years)
– Ragnhild Wiborg – director (2 years)

Remuneration to the members of the board of directors.

The Nominations Committee proposes to the General Meeting that the fee rates for the chair and shareholder-elected board members be maintained at the current level, while the fee for employee-elected board members be increased from NOK 100,000 to NOK 200,000.

– Chair: NOK 600.000 per year
– Shareholder elected board members: NOK 400.000 per year
– Employee elected board members: NOK 200.000 per year (increased from NOK 100.000 per year)

The board fees apply to the period from and including 12 April 2023 until the ordinary general meeting in 2024 and can be paid quarterly in arrears.

Election of members to the nomination committee – nomination committe’s proposal

The nominations committee proposes to the general meeting that the current Nomination Committee re-elects for a periode of 1 year, until the general meeting in 2024.

The current Nomination Commitee consisting of:

– Leif Teksum (Chair)
– Lisbeth Flågeng (member)
– Robert Sotberg (member)

The Nominations Committee proposes that the fees for the selection committee’s members be set as follows:

– Chair: NOK 60.000 (increased from NOK 40.000)
– Member: NOK 40.000 (increased from NOK 20.000)

The fees apply to the period from and including 12 April 2023 until the ordinary general meeting in 2024 and will be paid in arrears.

Approval of remuneration guidelines for senior personnel

Pursuant to section 6-16a of the Norwegian Public Limited Liability Companies Act, the board shall as a consequence of that the Company’s shares are now listed on Oslo Børs, prepare remuneration guidelines for senior personnel.

The proposed remuneration guidelines for senior personnel, including board members are available here: Remuneration guidelines 2022

IR contact

Erlend Høyen

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Vegard Nerdal

Investor Relations and Controller
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