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Port and logistics

Rana Gruber’s iron ore mine in Storforshei is well-connected by rail down to the dressing plant in Gullsmedvik where the final product is shipped out either by sea from our own terminal, by truck or rail directly connected to BaneNor.
With highly efficient logistics it takes as little as 40 minutes from the mines to the processing plant in Gullsmedvik

The iron oxide pigments from COLORANA® are packed into bags and put on pallets for dispatch via truck or a combination of truck and railway transport to the final customer. A reliable network and close cooperation with selected logistic providers secure on-time delivery on the market.

Mo i Rana is an important industrial and business center situated at the Rana Fjord and the Rana River some 40 km south of the Arctic Circle. Although far north in terms of latitude, the town is situated in the middle of Norway, providing excellent logistics as it is connected to the main north-south and east oriented traffic routes. The ice-free harbor is one of Norway’s busiest trading points in terms of frequency of calls and loaded/discharged cargo volume.

Fully loaded rail wagons are connected directly to Nordlandsbanen and descent to the processing plant. The railway maintenance is covered by BaneNor.

Rana Gruber’s mines with the iron ore deposits are located in the Dunderland valley near the village of Storforshei approximately 35 km north of Mo i Rana. The journey from the underground silo where the crude ore from the mining process is stored, down to the processing plant only takes 40 minutes. The dressing plant is located in the area of Gullsmedvik in Mo i Rana with direct access to its own port and railway connection.

Rana Gruber’s own port is operated as an iron ore terminal and is located by the dressing plant in Gullsmedvik directly at the Rana fjord and can accommodate from 1500 dwat up to panamax sized vessels.

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