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Our business

Rana Gruber’s operations involve iron ore mining and mineral processing to yield iron ore concentrates and special products.

Our operation involves several complex steps, that starting with mining and ore transport logistics, through advanced mineral processing in several product lines. A strong emphasis on R&D has resulted in high process yield without the use of chemicals, and products that goes into different markets tiers, e.g.:

  • Hematite concentrated for steel production
  • Magnetite for water purification systems
  • Sub-micron iron ore minerals for pigments and other special products

Rana Gruber is one of the largest companies in mining and iron ore beneficiation in Norway, with products based on own natural mineral resources which are upgraded and tailored for applications, and exported to its customers worldwide.

Rana Gruber controls five iron ore deposits. All deposits are located in Storforshei and Ørtfjell in the Dunderland Valley in Norway. In total, Rana Gruber operates 5,200 acers with mineral rights and forest.

The company possesses a vast resource base exceeding ~444mt which is expected to ensure production for the Company for several decades.

About iron ore

Iron ore concentrate can be sold on its own or used to make various products containing iron. In essence, iron ore are rocks and minerals containing high levels of metallic iron that in turn can be extracted and processed, for instance into iron ore concentrate through a benefication process.

Besides being an abundant metal, iron ore is an essential component for the global iron and steel industries. The company produces and sells iron ore concentrate, and primarily serves steel producers and participants in the chemical industry. Iron ore is one of the main materials used to produce steel – steel being perhaps one of the most important commodities on a world basis. Approximately 98% of iron ore is used in steelmaking. The iron ore almost always consist of iron oxides, of which the primary forms are magnetite (Fe3O4) and hematite (Fe2O3). As iron ore is not strong enough for construction or other purposes alone, it is alloyed with other elements such as tungsten, manganese, nickel, vanadium and chromium to make steel with a selection of qualities such as strength, oxidization or brittleness.

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