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Rana Gruber signs 5 years agreement with Cargill

The iron ore producer Rana Gruber AS enters into a cooperation agreement with Cargill, which over 5 years has a value at the current price level of NOK 5 billion.

“Rana Gruber has been in continuous operation for 56 years. In an increasingly changing market, it is always important and right to think long-term. At the same time, it has been important for us not to relinquish control over our own business and development. This collaboration agreement with Cargill is thus an ideal agreement for Rana Gruber as a company, for the employees and for the owners. We have now secured ourselves for the future and will have a strong international partner who will take Rana Gruber into the future and perhaps also develop new products. We all look forward to working closely with Cargill and our customers for many years to come,” said Gunnar Moe, CEO of Rana Gruber.

Moe further says that the company has worked intensively over several years to find a good and long-term platform for the company in the years ahead. The agreement with Cargill is a very important part of this platform.

“In the international arena, Rana Gruber is a small player. We have done well for more than five decades because we have and have had employees who know what to do – even when times are difficult. We are very pleased that we, together with Cargill, will continue to develop the company, secure jobs and manifest Rana and Helgeland as an industrial center of gravity. We take it as a definite seal of quality that the giant company Cargill chooses to cooperate with us in so many areas,” Moe continues.

Sustainable collaboration

This agreement is also important for Cargill.

“We are pleased with this partnership and look forward to building a long-term, sustainable collaboration with Rana Gruber. Rana Gruber has demonstrated world-class technical and operational expertise for decades and has made progress in a rapidly changing market. Our goal is to lend our technical expertise, risk management experience, and sales and marketing knowledge to support Rana Gruber, so that they can focus on what they do best – their core business, mining and meeting customer requirements,” said Lee Kirk, CEO Director of Cargills Metals.

The collaboration with Rana Gruber also supports the Cargill Metals business’s commitment to working with customers around the globe to build adaptable, sustainable and competitive supply chains for the steel industry.

“Rana Gruber has entered into an agreement with Cargill which ensures us sales for all production of our main product for the next five years. This is very important for Rana Gruber as a small player in a global market, where we see that the European steel industry, which is our main market, is shrinking. In addition, we get access to Cargill’s large resources within product development and the market, which is very important to us. This is a very important agreement that we are very happy that we have reached. It will help secure jobs at Mo and the values ​​for shareholders for a long time to come,” said chairman of the board of Rana Gruber AS, Morten Støver.

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