Chemical formula: Fe3O4

Chemical Inventory-no.:
CAS #: 1309-38-2, 1317-61-9
EINECS #: 215-169-8, 215-277-5

Magnetite concentrates contains a variety of products with different sizes and concentrations of iron oxides, depending on its application. The product range contains bulk concentrates for metallurgical (pelletfeed) and other technical applications such as water purification, raw material for the chemical industry and as a low silica feedstock for COLORANA.

Available Mo I Rana Concentrates are:
- M-150
- M-40LS
- Sirofloc M-10 Magnetite slurry

The ferromagnetic character of Magnetite allows an extremely high purification of the concentrates. The amount of gangue minerals amounts to less than 1%.

The Magnetite contains on average 0.23% of MnO as an impurity in the Magnetite lattice. Base metal as Nickel and Cobalt and Chromium are extremely low compared to other Magnetite sources.

The product is neither classified as dangerous in accordance with 67/548/EC and 1999/45/EC nor requires labeling in accordance with the CLP/GHS directives 1272/2008.

For full data information on the product please consult the Technical information sheet, MSDS and our leaflet fileadmin/filer/pdf/nyeleaflets/IP-E-082a-007 Regulatory information RG Products.pdfRegulatory information.