Chemical formula: Fe2O3

Chemical Inventory-no.:
CAS #: 1309-37-1, 1317-60-8
EINECS #: 215-168-2, 215-275-4

Hematite is concentrated to iron oxide bulk products formulated for metallurgical applications like pig iron production. We offer different sizes for sinter and pellet applications. Available Mo i Rana Concentrates are:
- H-400 - H-260 - H-150

The concentrates contains impurities of gangue minerals in particular iron bearing Al-Silicates. A low alkali as well as low phosphorous and a low sulfur contents with reasonable lime (CaO) are typical characteristics, which is of advantage. The Hematite contains on average 0.45% of TiO2 as an impurity in the hematite lattice.

The product is neither classified as dangerous in accordance with 67/548/EC and 1999/45/EC nor requires labeling in accordance with the CLP/GHS directives 1272/2008. For full data information on the product please consult the Technical information sheet, MSDS and our leaflet Regulatory information.