Research Center

    The Research & Development team carries out, supervises and co-ordinates all efforts aimed at the development of new products, the alteration of existing products and the design and implementation of test methods in accordance with our own requirements and international standards. Product specialists provide technical advice and troubleshooting within the areas of mineral processing and refining, pigment and filler applications and mineral/binder interactions.

    Our R&D team works closely together with our Research & QA Laboratory which main responsibility is to monitor raw materials and to ensure conformity with the acceptance criteria established for the manufacturing process and the final products.

    Via our Research & QA Laboratory we offer technical services to our customers within a broad field of industrial applications.

    In connection with our research work and technical service, we have established relationships with foreign R & D centers, universities and co-operation partners for intellectual and technical support and other than routine test methods that require special investigations and instruments. We have access to:

    • SEM-EDS for chemistry and mineral characterization
    • Zeta meter for surface charge and cross-over point
    • Paper & Pulp investigations for decorative paper
    • BH-meter for determination of magnetic properties
    • UV-VIS-NIR spectral analysis
    • SEM, XRD and microscopy for mineral characterization and – chemistry.