Iron oxide benefication process

One challenge of the dressing process is to liberate and enrich the ore minerals to produce a product suitable for its industrial application. Depending on the mineralogy and the textural conditions of the ore, various beneficiation techniques are applied to reach the desired result.

With our high skills in ore dressing process knowledge we create high quality products from a low grade and complex ore. The greatest challenge is to obtain a high recovery of the ore minerals magnetite and hematite and in the same time minimize the extraction of gangue minerals with similar physical and magnetic properties.

Our dressing process involves wet primary autogenous milling, LIMS (Low intensity magnetic separation) extraction of magnetite, WHIMS (Wet high-intensity magnetic separation / Jones-process) recovery and upgrading of hematite in combination with gravimetric methods, classifying, dewatering and storage of the final product.

The extracted magnetite is further treated to form high purity concentrate by re-milling and subsequent multiple steps LIMS upgrading. Parts of this magnetite are used as the feed-stock for the COLORANA®-process.