Port facilities

The ice free harbour of Mo i Rana is one of Norway’s busiest trading points in terms of frequency of calls and loaded/discharged cargo volume.

Rana Gruber’s own port is operated as an iron ore terminal and is located by the dressing plant in Gullsmedvik directly at the Rana fjord and can accommodate from 1500 dwat up to panamax sized vessels.

Approximately 1,3 million tons of iron ore oxides is loaded annually at the Rana Gruber Terminal. Loading by fixed loading conveyor, movable in and out. Shifting by vessels ropes.

Loading conveyor capacity: up to 1500 mts/hrs
Draft: 11,4 spring / low
WLTOHC: 13.8 m max at high tide

For more shipping/loading related details regarding loading Iron Ore at Rana Gruber terminal in Mo i Rana, we recommend you to contact Mo Shipping Agency, Telephone:+47 751 29930 / AOH +47 952 22323.