Our responsibility

    Our extraction of iron ore and the ore processing are regulated by permits from the authorities, or through laws and regulations. We have a goal that environmental impacts from our operations and production shall be minimal. Rana Gruber is working for an environmentally friendly production and is working closely with authorities, customers, suppliers and neighbors. Through internal control, we follow up our emissions to the sea, river, air and soil in order to verify that we are always within the established limits that apply to our business.

    We are working hard to minimize any inconvenience / impacts to the environment. We are also working to ensure that all employees shall be environmentally conscious, and think about the environment at all levels, with low environmental impact in respect for our employees and the environment.

    We are highly concerned about our employees’ job satisfaction and work environment. Therefore are we constantly and purposefully assessing the work environment for our employees, both in health studies and research work to take necessary actions for the employees needs.

    Our primary objective in Health, Safety and Security is that everybody should come home as healthy as when they came to work, with zero injuries. Safety is an important focus area; we do not accept the deviation from the security procedures. We will have good and safe work habits, and we work to ensure that all employees are following standard procedures, safety rules and are using required safety equipment.