The iron ore deposits in the Dunderlandsdalen valley in Rana, Norway, were well known prior to 1799, when an iron works in southern Norway was awarded mining rights. Various persons and companies tried to exploit the iron ore in the 19th century, but the Swedish industrialist Mr Pehrsson was eventually the victor. During the late 1800s he obtained land needed for mining and factory sites, including areas expropriated for the construction of a railway reaching a suitable harbor location at Gullsmedvik, Mo i Rana. In 1901 all this was bought by The Edison Ore Milling Syndicate. This company was established by the American inventor Thomas Alva Edison in order to exploit patents he held on magnetic separation of iron ore.

A great number of additional patents on ore dressing machinery and beneficiation processes where the result of the foundation of the Dunderland Iron Ore Company. D.I.O.C

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