The COLORANA® products are based on natural magnetite from different sources. The magnetite raw material is upgraded to almost pure magnetite by state-of-the-art ore dressing methods before it enters the manufacturing plant.

The process is a continuous operation involving wet ultrafine milling, dewatering and drying. Fresh river water and no addition of chemical ingredients in the wet manufacturing process guarantee favorably low contents of water soluble salts. This is a characteristic fingerprint for all COLORANA® products.

The red product line is processed from COLORANA® black by thermal decomposition of magnetite. This creates calcined temperature stable red iron oxides.

Micronised red and black pigments forms the COLORANA® D-range. The deagglomeration (micronisation) process involves a unique disintegration technology combined with highly efficient, superfine air-classifiers, all together the ultimate solution to create superior quality micronised iron oxide pigments.